The most fun luxury store is Hermes bag

The facade of the luxury store is too playful, We have introduced the door of Bulgari before, this time, we are going to introduce the window of Hermes. cheap hermes bags As the top of the luxury industry, Hermes spends a lot of attention on the window every year. Hermes Every Hermès store in each country will invite contemporary artists to design the theme of the store window for the season. buy hermes Outlet Each season, with different themes, is closely related but each exciting.

Hermes store

And the most popular among Chinese people is the Shanghai Hermès store in 2019. Hermes Outlet The theme of that year was dreams, and artists who grew up in different cultures interpret the most beautiful dreams in their minds. And that year, also known as the fight of the gods, the theme window of each quarter is amazing, because it is so beautiful. Spring Window – “Invisible Traveler” Designer: Artist Duo Chiaozza This pair of artists have childlike imaginations, and their favorite is to use art to illuminate the magic, magic and humor in daily life.

Hermes store

Therefore, they designed the new products of the season as items that fell during the journey, with hats on stones, bags standing on the sand, and scarves flying everywhere, so that the new products of the season were naturally integrated into the gorgeous scenery of the journey, and the openness of the window, The layering and depth make this dream full of dreamy colors. The most amazing thing is that when you walk through this exquisite fantasy, you will find that you are the invisible traveler.

Summer Window – “Sending Dreams” Designer: Chinese artist Yan Xiaojing This is a young female Chinese artist. She grew up under the influence of both Chinese and Western cultures. She likes Chinese landscape paintings and the wonderful poetry of the West. Therefore, She perfectly combines the wisdom of traditional Chinese culture with the poetic context of Western contemporary art.