Hermès has the greatest appreciation potential in 2022

Hermes bags with the greatest appreciation potential in 2022 are only 30,000 yuan, and luxury brands have raised prices again

Hermes bags

At the beginning of the new year, despite how unbearable 2020 is, and all walks of life have been affected, it is still impossible to stop the price increase of luxury goods. Fake Hermes Bags . Hermes Outlet From January 1st, the ladies’ favorite Hermes and Hermes (HERMES), which has been on the cusp of street shooting in recent years, have raised the price of their products. cheap hermes bags Hermes’ rate is about 5%, and Bottega Veneta is 3%. Hermes to 10%. In response to brand news, Louis Vuitton and Celine will also increase their prices on January 7 and January 11 respectively, and the prices of Chanel’s Classic Flap and 19 handbags will also increase in mid-January.

In the field of jewelry and watches, the price hike has also followed. For example, Qeelin raised prices on January 1, Chaumet raised prices on January 5, and a watch was originally worth a luxury watch. The brand Audemars Piguet, after raising its price once five months ago, also raised its global official price on January 5 by about 5%. There is a cloud in the market. In addition to the steady rise of Bitcoin and Tesla, the investment in these years is no more than the bags of these luxury brands, only up and down.

For example, Chanel Classic Flap and 2.55 medium handbags will increase in price twice in 2020. In one and a half years, these two handbags have increased by as much as 35%, with a net price increase of 13,400 yuan. Today’s Classic Flap medium has Breaking through 50,000 yuan, the price is close to the platinum package. Why is there a sharp increase in unemployment under the epidemic, people’s lives are greatly affected, and the economic growth of various countries is stagnant, but there are still crowds and long queues outside luxury stores?

Experts believe that although the unemployment rate in European and American countries has greatly increased, it is often the manual workers who lose their jobs. The bottom of the pyramid needs to apply for unemployment benefits, but the middle and upper builders of the economy are unharmed. They just changed the place of work. , moved from the office to any place, and may also transfer travel expenses to luxury consumption because of the reduction of travel and other trips, and the mentality of “revenge consumption”.

Hermès has also become the most stable luxury brand in 2022.