Even if you have a Birkin, you are not the one who owns Hermes!

I thought that Hermès handbags were rising steadily, but unexpectedly they were hit by Waterloo these days.

You dare to think that the two Hermes handbags with the original price of 300w have only sold less than 150w recently, which has shrunk by half compared to last year.

According to: 2022 Hong Kong Christie’s Spring Auction

After the news broke, Hermes also fell all the way in the secondary market. AAA Cheap Hermes Among them, the latest recycling market of the diamond-colored Birkin 25, which everyone likes very much, has dropped from 18w to 15w:

Kangkang and Lindy are also in a straight line:

The most puzzling thing is that even the entry-level vegetable basket has fallen by 5%.

After this wave of continuous declines, it quickly exploded on the Internet. Hermes Many people said that Hermes would plummet? Hermes Outlet It is the King of Bags brand.

This slump may seem crazy and rare on the surface, but I actually think it’s normal. First of all, everyone is confused by the appearance that Hermès will always go up. I turned over the market recovery price of Hermès handbags in recent years. His overall view has indeed gone up in the past, but the increase is not stable, just like a stock that fluctuates Yes, there are peaks and troughs, but everyone pays too much attention to it every time it goes up, so that it is selectively ignored when it goes down.

Then I found that the influence and cognition of Hermes handbags on everyone has been severely demonized today. A considerable number of people deified Hermes, which led to some people being led out of the rhythm and subconsciously thinking that Hermes is a cow, and it is forever. rising.

The people of these mythical Hermes are the wealthy people who have good family conditions and do not worry about eating and drinking all day long.

Their daily life is basically summed up in one sentence: they are either buying Hermes or showing off Hermes. Jamie Chua, the woman who claims to have the most Hermes in the world: