Counting down 11 classic bags from the Hermès family of handbags

1. Hermes Outlet Kelly Bag

Time: 1935 (prototype), 1956 (renamed)

Kelly Bag

The very early bag is one of the leading actresses of cheap Hermès. Shop Cheap Hermes Outlet It was renamed “Kelly Bag” because it was used by Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco. cheap hermes bags It is the Dream Bag of almost all women. Hermes Although it was born earlier, it is still very difficult today in 2021. For each Kelly bag, the purchasing staff purchases the finest leather from annual global auctions. After selection, only the best part of each leather is selected. The sewing of the handbag is carried out by a master from beginning to end, and the luxury believers who customize this handbag around the world must wait six to seven years before the goods are available. Personally, I think the Kelly bag is suitable for 165CM+ girls to use when commuting. It is full of aura when carrying it, OL queen style.

2. Birkin Birkin

Time: 1984

The favorite of ladies and gentlemen, it was born and named after the French female singer Jane Birkin. Jane Birkin once complained to Jean Louis Dumas, the fifth president of Hermes, that she could not find a well-made and practical tote bag, so Hermes The president of the company specially designed a handbag for her and named it after her. This is the platinum bag.

Compared with Kelly, Birkin has a little more elegance and charm. It can be used for shopping, banquets, dates, and commuting. The style is very versatile.

3. Constance

Time: 1959

Constance is the most difficult handbag to buy in Hermès. In terms of material, Constance is the same as all Hermès handbags. In addition to conventional cowskin, various rare leathers are also used. It is said that some stores can’t get five cowhide bags a year, and rare leather can’t have one for several years, which shows how scarce this bag is!

Constance’s body is small and exquisite, the “H” logo is very recognizable, and the founder’s retro style is very versatile. Whether it is a tall girl or a small girl, you can hold it!

4. Lindy Pillow Bag

Time: 2007

First seen on the Spring/Summer 2007 Runway show, the Lindy bag features two separate sides, each with its own zipper pull that locks in the center with a twist lock. There are 5 base bolts on the bottom of the bag to protect the bottom. Clemence and Swift are the most commonly used leathers, of course, it also has Matte Croc. (crocodile leather).

For Hermès fans, the Lindy bag is a must. Lindy is a very good choice for a Birkin replacement. For starters, the Lindy is a lovely feature pack and a starter into the world of Hermès.

The Hermès Lindy is actually a handbag that can be transformed into a shoulder bag for any occasion. Like the Bolide Bag, the Lindy has a typical Hermes look – it’s streamlined, simple but lavishly centered on leather, and that’s where its extravagance can be expressed. Monochrome makes it classic and timeless, and Lindy is your companion from spring to summer and from autumn to winter. It has enough space for your daily essentials. An everyday bag will suffice, and since the Lindy is made from fine and impeccable leather, you’ve got the best of it.

5. Roulis pig nose bun

Time: 2011

HMS Roulis pig nose bag, it’s a little cute to hear the name, and then look at this style, it’s really pretty. The appearance is simple and exquisite, and the modern design, simple and bright lines and colors are matched, fashionable and cute. The fashion queen Yang Mi and the aura queen Quan Zhixian are very fond of this bag, and they have been photographed carrying this pig nose bag at the airport countless times.

6. Verrou Pistol Bag

Time: 2017

This long and square Hermes is a new spring and summer 2017, named Verrou. Its prototype is the classic clutch bag designed by Robert Dumas in 1938. Verrou means lock in French, and the highlight of this bag is the pin, which is inspired by the pins in the stables and embodies the inseparable relationship between Hermès and equestrianism. Because this latch resembles a pistol, this bag is also called a pistol bag. It’s fun to open the bag, it “clicks” like you’re firing a pistol. The style is elegant and casual, but also lazy slides.

7. Picotin Vegetable Basket

Time: 2002

Picotin, or vegetable basket, is a relatively easy bag for Hermès. It is available in almost all Hermès boutiques. While it’s not up to the level of a Birkin collection, it’s still an excellent buckle/tote bag. And the design is not what you often see in haute couture designer brands, but gives a healthy attitude.

8. Evelyne

Time: 2018

The Evelyne diagonal bag is a very youthful diagonal bag. The design of this diagonal bag is very simple, and it looks natural and reveals a kind of elegance. The line of the bag is very smooth, and the classic H logo is a little more retro. The whole bag is lively and fashionable, and there is no lack of elegance.

9. Herbag

Time: 1998

As the handle of the Hermès entry-level bag, Herbag was born in 1998, and the name “Her Bag” is also so crisp. If Kelly’s lady’s skin makes fairies worry about not being able to carry the aura, then Herbag solves this worry perfectly, keeping the sense of luxury and at the same time a little more angry, chic degree arrangement is just right.

Herbag is a combination box made of leather and canvas. Except for the shoulder straps, handles and flap positions, the rest of the bag is made of special hardened canvas. So even if it is a canvas body, its uprightness is almost as stable as a hard shell, sitting upright and not hanging down when carried. After all, not all canvases can enter the door of Hermès.

10. Bolide Tote

Time: 2017

The third generation head of Ma Shi, mile-Maurice Hermès, produced Bolide in 1923. The birth of this bag gave a great impact to major European brands. Most notably, it is Hermès’ first bag with a zipper.

This rounded design reflects the beauty of women’s full charm. The variety of colors and the large-capacity design also win the support of men. The most worth mentioning is that the zipper not only plays the role of anti-theft, but also is much more convenient than the contemporary luggage, and it is simple and beautiful.

11. Gardenparty Garden Bag

Hermès Garden Party, used to be a bag for gardeners that can hold gardening shears. The garden bag has the most rustic design of Hermès. It is mainly casual and fashionable. It has soft leather and canvas and other material choices. It has a simple design, a stable base, a moderate strap, and a large capacity. It is suitable for travel and leisure use.

Bags are both attractive and practical. They are suitable for any occasion and season. They are very versatile. There are popular and easy-to-collide bags. Do you like them? Just go to the original list of Daren →.

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