56-year-old Thai-Chinese rich woman shines at Hermès bag dinner

56-year-old Thai-Chinese rich woman shines at Hermes dinner! https://www.searchhermes.co/ Wearing beige is too fairy, more beautiful than Suti

Wu Lunpan, a 56-year-old rich Chinese woman in Thailand, almost always wears Hermes bags. Hermes After all, Wu Lunpan has already realized the freedom of Hermes Replica Bags. cheap hermes bags On Friday, local time, Wu Lunpan was invited to appear at the Hermès dinner held in France and gathered with celebrities. Hermes Outlet At 56 years old, she is really a beauty of frozen age. The flower-hearted King of Thailand was very fascinated by Wu Lun, but this wealthy woman with both talent and appearance did not look down on the life of the royal family!

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1. Wu Lunpan’s look at the Hermes dinner party

Although she is all a very luxurious item, Wu Lunpan does not feel like a nouveau riche at all. At the age of 56, she can still take a very pure route and is full of girlishness.

To attend the Hermes dinner, of course, the Hermes bag is indispensable, and the Hermes bag that Wu Lunpan was carrying that day is a limited edition, and the price can be boldly imagined. Of course, Wu Lunpan doesn’t look down on the life of the royal family. It’s not easy to be a woman of the king of Thailand. It doesn’t look like she can live a very free life now!

The 56-year-old Wu Lunpan has a slender figure and has no feeling of middle-aged fat at all. And her look, in terms of color and style, is very high-end.

Oatmeal colors like this are really not picky. The whole look of Wu Lunpan is made of very gentle knitted materials, so it gives people a very feminine feeling. The pleated feeling created by the knitted material will look very drapey.

The umbrella-shaped skirt can achieve the effect of self-cultivation, and it can also be unfolded, which has a very luxurious effect. The same is true for the cuffs. The silhouette cuffs are full of domineering feeling, as if it was the appearance of a queen.

Hermès bag

Wu Lunpan was in the same frame as other rich women at the Hermes dinner. Her temperament is really outstanding, and she is much younger than her peers. First of all, Wu Lunpan does have a baby face, and she is not fat at all, so she can completely control the style of young girls.

Rich women who are in the same frame as Wu Lunpan are not as tender as Wu Lunpan in terms of shape. Many elderly women like to use very fancy items to highlight their temperament, while Wu Lunpan’s own My daughter is in her 20s, and she has always maintained such a pure style.

The semi-perspective design of the upper body highlights the sexy side even more. Such a small area of ​​hollowing brings a very chic layering to the solid color style, which is particularly court-like.

The guests who attended the Hermès dinner basically had a Hermès bag in hand. In Wu Lunpan’s style, he is also very particular about jewelry. The emerald earrings that are matched this time are also full of retro feeling, showing the nobility in the palace style.

The other guests who attended the Hermès dinner were rich in colors, and Wu Lun hoped to amaze the audience with such a pure and unstained feeling.